Artur Tuznik is an award-winning Polish piano player and composer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, active on European scene for jazz and improvised music both as a bandleader and sideman. His recognizable musical voice is strongly influenced by language of impressionism and folk music of his origins, while rooted in tradition of modal-jazz and sound we know as Scandinavian jazz.

In various projects, he has shared the stage and/or recorded with artists like Tomasz Stanko, Jeremy Pelt, Tony Malaby, Anders Christensen, Carsten Dahl, Andreas Lang, Richard Andersson, Anders Mogensen, Thomas Agergaard, Tomasz Dabrowski and many more. Artur has been performing on festivals in Europe, USA, Canada and such prestigeous venues as Lincoln Center in NYC. 




Artur Tuznik TRIO


The new album Artur Tuznik TRIO features prominent individualities with established position on the European scene for jazz and improvised music. Together with Davidsen and Høyer, Tuznik introduces a darker sound inspired by impressionism, Scandinavian avant-garde and Slavic folk music.

Minimalistic compositions, often with open forms, highlight strong melodic sense and rich harmonic language of the leader. With original music, virtuosity, experience and unique voice of all three personalities, Tuznik presents a great band capable of merging intense energy, spontaneous improvisations with lyrical, almost meditative ballads. 

Artur Tuznik - piano
Nils Davidsen - d.bass
Jakob Høyer - drums



Artur Tuznik + Moo Latte


Thomas Agergaard / Artur Tuznik
”Rocket SciencE”

Agergaard / Blachmann / Ginman / Tuznik

Tomasz Stanko Experience

Tomasz Stanko - trumpet

Snorri Sigurdsson - trumpet

Tomasz Dabrowski - trumpet

Johanna Sulkunen - vocal

Thomas Hass - saxophone

Stian Swensson - guitar

Martin Fabricius - vibrophone

Richard Anderson - bass

Radek Wosko - drums

Artur Tuznik - piano

Review from Berlingske (DK) after concert at JazzHouse Copenhagen

Review from Politiken (DK) after concert at Dexter Odense  

Maciej Kadziela Quartet

Maciej Kadziela - alt sax

Johannes Vaht - d.bass

Olle Dernevik - drums

Artur Tuznik - piano

Karlis Auzins Quartet

Karlis Auzins - tenor sax

Joel Illerhag - d.bass

Jakob Høyer - drums

Artur Tuznik - piano

Other selected videos





Released 11 oktober 2016 by Multikulti Project

Artur Tuźnik: piano
Nils Bo Davidsen: double bass
Jakob Høyer: drums

Recorded by Michał Wasyl at RecPublica Studios in Lubrza (PL) 16-18 December 2015.
Mixed by Jakob Høyer. 
Mastered by Teis Frandsen.
Photo by Per Henriksen. Cover design by Krzysztof Marciniak /
Producer: Artur TuźnikExecutive producers: Tomasz Konwent & Wawrzyniec Makinia

Licak/Tuznik QUINTET
Released - April 2011 on Blackout (DK)
Recorded at Tokarnia Studio in Nieporet, Poland,
November 2009 by Jan & Mateusz Smoczynski.

Mixed and mastered at RecArt, September 2010 by Lukasz Kurzawski.
Artwork by Kaja Cykalewicz.

Tomasz Licak - tenor sax
Artur Tuznik - piano
Tomasz Dabrowski - trumpet
Andreas Lang - d.bass
Anders Mogensen - drums

Maciej Kadziela THE TASTE OF THE WORLD feat. Grzech Piotrowski

Recorded by Weronika Wierzba,
mixed and mastered by Eryk Kozlowski Red eR Studio.

Released - June 2016 on Multikulti Project (PL)

Maciej Kadziela - alt sax
Johannes Vaht - d.bass
Olle Dernevik - drums
Artur Tuznik - piano
feat. Grzech Piotrowski - tenor sax


Recorded on September 2015, mixed and mastered by Frederik Brandt Jakobsen

Released - May 2016 on Gateway (DK)
Artwork by Aldis Dobenbergs
Design by Didzis Bordo

Karlis Auzins - tenor sax
Joel Illerhag - d.bass
Jakob Hoeyer - drums
Artur Tuznik - piano

Outbreak Quartet LAST CALL

Recorded in April 2010 in Radio Katowice
Mixed and mastered by Marcin Gorny
Released on label of Radio Katowice

Tomasz Licak - tenor sax
Artur Tuznik - piano
Emil Brun Madsen - d.bass
Rasmus Schmidt - drums




Selected Quotes:

“Tuznik appears as an unusually gifted improviser who builds up his solos with intelligence and mastery of motivic development, using tension-and-release reminiscent of Herbie Hancock ...”
Bjarne Søltoft, JazzSpecial (DK


“A pianist with a huge range of tonal color and magnificent control of musical moods. A constant team player, and a brilliant soloist.”
Reinhard Köchl (DE), musikjournalist


“(...)Tuznik takes center stage and delivers a performance that slowly envelops you with very powerful emotions. Tearful.”
Stephan Moore, JazzWrap





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